Patients Under 18

Parental Consent Law

The State of Tennessee requires the consent of one parent for a minor patient (under 18 years of age). Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health must document that we have obtained consent.

To do so, all the following requirements must be met:  

  1. The minor patient’s parent or legal guardian must accompany the patient to her appointment.
  2. Photo identification of the parent or legal guardian must be brought to the appointment.
  3. Identification of the minor patient (preferably photo) must be brought to the appointment.
  4. The patient’s birth certificate with the parent listed on it. If a legal guardian, the court papers showing guardianship must be brought to the appointment.
  5. If the names have changed since the paperwork was issued, whatever legal paperwork exists to show the name changes from past to current must also be brought to the appointment (i.e. marriage licenses, adoption papers, etc.).

Please call if you have questions; the staff will be happy to help.

>> Parental Consent Form (under the age of 18)

NOTE: If you feel you are unable to tell your parent or legal guardian, you will need a judicial bypass. Please call our office for assistance.