Patient’s Comments

Read the following Patient’s Comments to know more about our caring staff at Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health.

“I feel that overall nothing should change. Everyone had opened arms and stayed honest about everything. Everyone allowed me to feel that I could put all my trust in them and for such a nerve wrecking day…I still somehow left with a smile on my face from the support of everyone.”

“The support was excellent and I never felt judged in anyway.”

“Bedside manners are perfect and you truly did inform me well.”

“Everyone was so wonderful the day of.  They made me feel so relaxed and were so accepting. It really made a difference from how nervous I was.”

“I was a little nervous but everyone was very kind, patient and informative.”

“Everyone was pleasant and comforting in an uncomfortable situation. You guys do your job right.”

“Everyone was very supportive/kind/compassionate.”

Patient Evaluation Survey