Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health offers abortion services in TN.

Community Education & Outreach

As an educational reproductive health center, Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health (KCRH) is dedicated to providing our youth, teens and older people with accurate and reliable information regarding their sexual and reproductive health needs, regardless of age, gender, race, identity, culture and sexual orientation.

We believe that education and information is power…power to make responsible, safe and appropriate decisions for one’s health, life-style and life transitions.

KCRH offers a variety of age-appropriate and customized topics and discussions. Any one or all of these presentations are available for small groups or organizations.

Pre-presentations are also offered for viewing for parents, counselors or administrators to ensure their comfort with the material.

All educational sessions offered by KCRH are free of charge.

Community Education Services

Relationships, Self- Esteem, Am I Ready to Have Sex?

Support for deciding to be or not to be sexually active

  • Birth Control Options
  • Planning for Parenthood
  • Pregnancy Options
    • Choices available for termination of pregnancy
    • Pros and cons when choosing adoption
  • Safe Sex Practices/ Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
    • Protection from and treatment of STIs
  • Religious and ethical understandings in decision-making regarding abortion

For more information or scheduling an educational presentation contact our Outreach Coordinator, Bekki Ottinger at (865) 637-3861. Bekki would be happy to schedule a session with you or your organization!

General Information

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