2015 Tennessee Legislative Update

Dear Friends and Supporters

Tennesseans have dangerously eroded their Constitutional rights and respect for privacy and self-determination with the passage of Amendment One. Winning a campaign based on blatant lies, deception and distortion of the truth (about the licensing of clinics and abortion ‘destination’ hysteria and falsehoods) will now give our Nashville legislators unlimited authority to enact unnecessary and medically unsound legislation.  Imposing punitive restrictions does NOT increase the safety of services for women.  It only serves to violate fundamental rights to privacy and create harmful hardships and burdens for women.

The Tennessee legislation in their determined assault on women’s health and reproductive services has passed legislation, now signed into law by Governor Haslam to take effect on July 1, 2015, include a 48 hour waiting period, a state scripted informed consent that must be given by the physician only (informed consents in most medical facilities are given by licensed medical personnel).  We will be posting these changes as they develop with clear instructions for how we will continue to provide you services and fulfill these insulting restrictions.

We will continue to serve you and provide the highest quality professional services possible.  We will continue to fight for the rights of all women to make the personal decisions that only they should make.  We will need your support and assistance to let our state legislators know that they can not have carte blanche with our lives and pass draconian laws to restrict or deny you access to safe and legal reproductive health services.

Stay tuned and educated.  We will do our part to keep you informed of changes as they happen.  We also need to be able to rely on you to take action .  Together we can stand strong to let our politicians know that women’s lives are not optional and not to be played with at their whim.

KCRH Staff