Tennessee Legislative Update

2019 Legislative Update

In further attempts to restrict and eventually make abortion illegal in the state of Tennessee, the 2019 Tennessee state legislature fiercely debated passing a 6 week abortion ban, following the lead of several southern and mid-western anti-abortion states.  In the end, they finally decided not to pass such an unconstitutional bill to avoid the excessive legal costs that would ensue.  However, they did pass the trigger ban, a ‘what if’ form of legislation that reads like this:  If Roe v Wade were overturned by the Supreme Court, abortion would immediately become illegal in the state of Tennessee.

Now Tennessee abortion rights are dependent on the politically stacked-against-abortion Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to take up one of the states’ restrictive (and illegal) legislation as a test case to see if SCOTUS will overturn Roe v Wade, returning the power of each state to pass all kinds of restrictive laws to make abortion illegal.  In more progressive and women-affirming states around the country (Oregon, N.Y., California, Colorado, to name a few) states have passed comprehensive legislation confirming the legality of abortion and available birth control to all women!

During this rabidly intense war on women, with certain states’ disdain and intensely  disrespectful and dangerous attitude towards women, we continue to stand strong in support of women’s autonomy over their bodies, health and independence to make decisions regarding their lives.  Pro-life includes YOUR life!  and the importance for you to maintain control over your life.  YOUR LIFE MATTERS, TOO!! KCRH will remain open, adhering to all the new laws thrown our way while advocating and fighting for change, so that Tennessee women can access their right to make deeply personal decisions that affect their lives.  We all have to bear the burdens these restrictive laws impose on us while providing services but we will always be here for you!

Remember, it is important as ever to vote in the next round of elections.  We must replace the state and federal legislatures with women-supporting candidates that uphold our Tennessee families, women and children.  These same anti-women candidates who proclaim to be “pro-life” also defeat programs and legislature that supports and upholds our Tennessee families.  Stop voting against your best interests and pay close attention to legislators actions, not their worn-thin, hypocritical and deceptive rhetoric claiming ‘family values’.  Watch on our website and Facebook page for ways to get and stay involved.  Your life really does depend on it! (scroll down for links to important sites).


2015 Legislative Update

Dear Friends and Supporters

Tennesseans have dangerously eroded their Constitutional rights and respect for privacy and self-determination with the passage of Amendment One. Winning a campaign based on blatant lies, deception and distortion of the truth (about the licensing of clinics and abortion ‘destination’ hysteria and falsehoods) will now give our Nashville legislators unlimited authority to enact unnecessary and medically unsound legislation.  Imposing punitive restrictions does NOT increase the safety of services for women.  It only serves to violate fundamental rights to privacy and create harmful hardships and burdens for women.

The Tennessee legislation in their determined assault on women’s health and reproductive services has passed legislation, now signed into law by Governor Haslam to take effect on July 1, 2015, include a 48 hour waiting period, a state scripted informed consent that must be given by the physician only (informed consents in most medical facilities are given by licensed medical personnel).  We will be posting these changes as they develop with clear instructions for how we will continue to provide you services and fulfill these insulting restrictions.

We will continue to serve you and provide the highest quality professional services possible.  We will continue to fight for the rights of all women to make the personal decisions that only they should make.  We will need your support and assistance to let our state legislators know that they can not have carte blanche with our lives and pass draconian laws to restrict or deny you access to safe and legal reproductive health services.

Stay tuned and educated.  We will do our part to keep you informed of changes as they happen.  We also need to be able to rely on you to take action .  Together we can stand strong to let our politicians know that women’s lives are not optional and not to be played with at their whim.

KCRH Staff