Aspiration Abortion

At Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health we offer Aspiration Abortion care in the 1st and 2nd trimester of a pregnancy.

In addition to the aspiration abortion, a Medical Abortion (Abortion Pill) is available to women up to 10 weeks of pregnancy only.

All aspiration abortion services are outpatient, by appointment only. Please call for available days and times.  Remember, there is now a 48 hour waiting period requiring 2 clinic visits.

Which is best for me? — Medical Abortion vs. Aspiration Abortion | view chart here or print [Medical vs. Aspiration Abortion PDF]

A first trimester abortion is an abortion performed by vacuum aspiration.

A second trimester abortion is available to women who are 12 to 15 weeks into the pregnancy. It too is an outpatient, by appointment only service. Second trimester abortion is an abortion performed by vacuum aspiration as well.

KCRH wants to protect your health and your privacy. We rarely, but occasionally, may need to contact you. Due to confidentiality considerations, the only message we will leave is that “K.C.” called. Please call us as soon as possible. If you cannot be reached at the phone number you have given the Center, you should call and let us know where you can be reached.

A tubal or ectopic pregnancy is not terminated by vacuum aspiration but must be treated if it exists — your life could be threatened. Symptoms of tubal or ectopic pregnancy include: abdominal pain (usually localized to the right or left), nausea, chills and fever, and/or shock (fainting, weakness, or cold sweat). If you experience such symptoms, contact the Center or your private physician immediately.

Aftercare Instructions are available online for aspiration abortions.

After an aspiration abortion you can resume normal activities — work, school, housekeeping — tomorrow. It is advised to avoid any heavy lifting or exercise for seven days.

Some vaginal bleeding may occur.
You may experience menstrual-type cramping for the next couple of weeks.
If you have started using some form of hormonal contraception (birth control pills or patch), your next menstrual period will start in 4 weeks.
You may feel tired or “down” for a few days. p

Please do not hesitate to call us — our staff is specially trained to help.

GYN check-up in about three and a half weeks

It is very important to keep germs out of the vaginal area to prevent infection.

DO NOT have sexual intercourse, douche, use tampons or sex toys, or have anything in the vagina for seven days.

Note: A pregnancy test can be positive for about 3-6 weeks after your abortion. Do not do a home test. We will do one at your follow up visit.